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To access some sections of Loquax you will need to be registered with us and logged in to your account. Being a registered user gives you access to the latest competitions, new competition listings, our competition trackers plus the forum too, so it's well worth signing up! Best of all it's free and we don't share your details with anyone!

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Your Loquax is a free and unique competition tracking service. By registering for Your Loquax, compers can:

  • track their competition entries.
  • quickly see competition updates on Loquax before non-registered users.
  • keep personal notes on the websites you're visiting.
  • change the look of Loquax
  • choose how to view the competitions
  • post and read messages on our Loquax Discussion Forums.
  • rate & comment on sites listed on Loquax.

    Your Loquax is very straightforward to use - a help guide is included on the site.

    For username & password problems, please visit our Online Help Section.

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